Saturday, January 12, 2013

Save up to $1000 of your childcare

Hi All,

I know I have a lot of parent followers so I thought I would share. The company I work for Cultural care Au Pair has a great promotion. If you visit my website the details are there.

Please pass on to anyone you think would benefit from this saving.

Its unfortunately only available in the USA .

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year

Wow its been so long since I have had the time to come in and blog.  We just had another Holiday season full of happiness with the kids. This really is our home now.

We are renewing our visas for another two years too.
I am working a lot however thankfully from home. I love the flexibility  however I do sometimes wonder what actually leaving the house would be like.

I really need to make more time to come here but its seems we too have become true New Yorkers. Always busy and never having time to slow down!