Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Holidays

Hi All,

Just popping in to say I have been so busy that my blog has taken a back seat for a while. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and that 2012 brings much joy and happiness. We are due to fly to Orlando on saturday New Year's Eve which is exciting.
I hope to find some time to come in and write.
I have been very busy also with my work. Its been great to get so much business lately!! So I am having a blast planning some great Vacations.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa Photo 2011

Today we decided it was going to be our annual Santa photo day. For years I always do it very early in the season however just didn’t get around to doing it this year. Isabel and I were planning to go ice-skating however I knew we would miss out if we didn’t do it today. I know to some it may seem silly however its one of the few traditions I do maintain.
We decided to head into Macy’s early however when we arrived we realize we were not the only people that had the same idea. We lined up literally around the whole 8th floor of Macy’s at Herald Square. If you don’t already know Macy’s is the largest department store in the world! In true New York style it was efficient and actually quite fast considering the amount of people waiting. Lucky for Hugo and I the girls were quite well behaved. It’s a lot to ask of children to line up for so long but parents do including us. Finally after a 45 minute wait we got to Santa. Macy’s have the most amazing “Santa-land” display that is simply breathtaking. The girls were filled with such anticipation and rehearsed simultaneously what they were going to say to Santa when we finally arrived to our designated “Santa”.
We waited and then finally it was our turn. Isabel approached first and then on queue Annika refused to approach Santa. She insisted I accompany her and once again I was going to be featured in the annual Santa photo. After a brief but exciting conversation with Santa our annual Santa photo day was done. Let hope next year it’s just the two of them LOL

Monday, December 12, 2011

Magical Manhattan this time of year.

Yesterday finally Isabel and I went to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. I was sort of expecting a pretty amazing show however what I experienced yesterday far exceeded my expectations. Radio City Music Hall is an amazing venue. On entering you are initially mesmerized by an amazing chandelier. Then as you continue in you are welcomed by a grand old theater that seems so spacious and full of charm.

We had great seats and Isabel and I were so excited and prepared ourselves for the next ninety minutes. We were handed some booklets which enclosed had some 3D glasses. The lights went down and the music commenced.

The next ninety minutes I can only truly described Spectacular. I cannot recommend this show enough especially if you want to have a true New York experience. It had such an old fashion charm with the Rockettes dancing with such precision that it’s just mind blowing. I felt I was taken back to a place when Fred Astaire and all those celebrities from way back had lived and performed in. It was like nothing I have ever experienced and in true New York charm bigger and better than anything I have ever seen.
Hugo and I had planned after the performance to meet and take the girls to finally see the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center. It seemed us, the rest of New York and every Tourist in town had the same idea. It was a sea of people and really challenging to get through with Annika in the stroller. Also to add to the “holiday Magic” the cold has finally arrived so we and everyone were very rugged up. Regardless of the “Human traffic” we followed the sea of people to see what we could of the tree. They had a special Christmas Carol performance so a very magical feeling with “jungle bells” playing in the back ground.

After navigating our way out we headed down to 5th Avenue. I wanted the girls to see the decorations on the amazing designer’s stores. Again very difficult for them to see however with the darkness setting in the streets are just breath taking. I have taken some photos however it was difficult to manoeuvre my iPhone and the stroller at the same time.

My favorite was Tiffany’s and I managed to see the amazing displays. The doorman at Tiffany’s said hello to Isabel and she wondered what was in that store. I responded by letting her know that that was Mommy’s favorite store! You get magical blue boxes with white ribbons!! Let’s hope she reminds her Daddy about that!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

Today I dropped Isabel off to her friends place for her first official sleepover. I have never seen here so excited. She has been invited for an overnight visit to an indoor water park in Pennsylvania. She also has another friend from her school going too. She was so excited she could not even eat breakfast and declined a hot chocolate from Starbucks!

Naturally as a mother there is always the apprehension you feel when you allow your child a freedom they have never experienced before. I see this as the beginning to many more experiences in her life she will do on her own now.
It’s a difficult process I suppose all parents go through were we protect them so intensely and then comes a time we have to release the grip. I have spent all afternoon thinking about the last 8 years and where have they gone?
Isabel is really growing up and making these amazing bonds with friends that I know will last a lifetime. I feel that this New York environment is just such a wonderful one for her as she has truly blossomed. She has become some confident which is just so reassuring for me as her mother.
She will return tomorrow afternoon and I am sure with some amazing stories to tell.
Sunday her and I are attending the New York famous “Radio City Christmas Spectacular”.

It’s something she has wanted to do for a long time and finally the wait is over. I hope to take some amazing photos and be sure to post here to share with you all.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Its begining to feel a lot like Christmas.....

We got our Christmas tree tonight. This year being more settled we have had time to really take in the Holiday Spirit. I have started my Shopping as my gifts need to make their way to Australia in time.
The streets here in the Upper West Side look magical. The lights are just spectacular. Hopefully this Sunday we will go over the Fifth Avenue to take the girls to have a look over there. I will take photos. There is nothing quite like the Holidays here in New York.
I also got to meet some of Hugo’s Cousins from Sweden on Sunday. It’s been amazing to meet the Swedish side of Hugo’s family. His cousins seemed so warm and inviting which explains why Hugo has such fond memories of this side of the family. They were here for her 50th birthday. I felt an instant bond with them and was delighted at their invitation to visit them in Sweden. I have decided that is now on our bucket list.
My work has started to pick up to and I really enjoy putting together trips for families. I am currently working on a few family reunions which are just amazing. I seem to be finding that perfect balance between family and work. The only thing is looking at these amazing Cruises and destinations make me want to travel even more. We are currently looking at options as to when we will do our next vacation. It seems surreal to be able to get to so many places in the world at a fraction of the time it would take from Australia. Will also keep you all posted.
Also if you have not already done so I suggest entering our XBOX contest!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Irish Night and some Paddy dancing

Last night I had the funniest night with some friends. We have started a bit of a “Cultural Exploration”. We have decided to choose each other’s cultures and choose a venue here in Manhattan for our “girl’s nights” that have become a permanent fixture on my social calendar. Last night it was Ireland.

We caught a cab from the Upper West Side and headed to the east and down towards midtown. We noticed that there was an Irish area here in Manhattan that we didn’t know about? Its definitely one of the many alluring qualities of Manhattan. You are always discovering something new. We arrived to a pub that was small but full of Irish warmth and hospitality. I would not exactly say this is a very upmarket type venue. However on the flip-side it was a warm and an inviting place to sit, have a few beers and a good laugh. It was a Thursday night and that was Irish Music night. We were entertained by a solo dancer who seemed to maybe either work or own the establishment. My friend who is Irish also treated us to a bit of her own “Paddy Dance”. We were actually surprised as she definitely puts Michael Flattery to shame with her outstanding moves.
Looking forward to the next culture!!! And the next night out too ;)