Monday, December 5, 2011

Its begining to feel a lot like Christmas.....

We got our Christmas tree tonight. This year being more settled we have had time to really take in the Holiday Spirit. I have started my Shopping as my gifts need to make their way to Australia in time.
The streets here in the Upper West Side look magical. The lights are just spectacular. Hopefully this Sunday we will go over the Fifth Avenue to take the girls to have a look over there. I will take photos. There is nothing quite like the Holidays here in New York.
I also got to meet some of Hugo’s Cousins from Sweden on Sunday. It’s been amazing to meet the Swedish side of Hugo’s family. His cousins seemed so warm and inviting which explains why Hugo has such fond memories of this side of the family. They were here for her 50th birthday. I felt an instant bond with them and was delighted at their invitation to visit them in Sweden. I have decided that is now on our bucket list.
My work has started to pick up to and I really enjoy putting together trips for families. I am currently working on a few family reunions which are just amazing. I seem to be finding that perfect balance between family and work. The only thing is looking at these amazing Cruises and destinations make me want to travel even more. We are currently looking at options as to when we will do our next vacation. It seems surreal to be able to get to so many places in the world at a fraction of the time it would take from Australia. Will also keep you all posted.
Also if you have not already done so I suggest entering our XBOX contest!!
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