Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa Photo 2011

Today we decided it was going to be our annual Santa photo day. For years I always do it very early in the season however just didn’t get around to doing it this year. Isabel and I were planning to go ice-skating however I knew we would miss out if we didn’t do it today. I know to some it may seem silly however its one of the few traditions I do maintain.
We decided to head into Macy’s early however when we arrived we realize we were not the only people that had the same idea. We lined up literally around the whole 8th floor of Macy’s at Herald Square. If you don’t already know Macy’s is the largest department store in the world! In true New York style it was efficient and actually quite fast considering the amount of people waiting. Lucky for Hugo and I the girls were quite well behaved. It’s a lot to ask of children to line up for so long but parents do including us. Finally after a 45 minute wait we got to Santa. Macy’s have the most amazing “Santa-land” display that is simply breathtaking. The girls were filled with such anticipation and rehearsed simultaneously what they were going to say to Santa when we finally arrived to our designated “Santa”.
We waited and then finally it was our turn. Isabel approached first and then on queue Annika refused to approach Santa. She insisted I accompany her and once again I was going to be featured in the annual Santa photo. After a brief but exciting conversation with Santa our annual Santa photo day was done. Let hope next year it’s just the two of them LOL

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