Sunday, October 30, 2011


Well I have to say its a very sad story once again. It has brought up all the emotions of the collapse of Ansett. I feel for all my ex colleagues now part of Qantas. I have no solutions and really I am not  informed well enough to really give a constructive opinion

At the end of the day the company is loosing a lot of money and if some sort of agreement is not reached there will be a lot of unemployed people once again. For all my friend I am hoping a good outcome and that you all have job security.
People here in the USA live with this uncertainty all the time as the unemployment level is almost 10 %.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Snowfall of the year...............

They have been talking about a winter blast and possible snow all week. Last night’s forecast was for rain then possibly turning into snow late at night. Well it starting snowing about 3 hours ago and has not stopped.
As much as it became such an obstacle last winter there is something just spectacular about the first snow of the season. Isabel and Annika has been glued to the window watching it fall. Annika is older and seems to be so much more aware of its significance this time around. The snow didn’t arrive last year till December 26th so wondering if this is a sign of another brutal winter.
Did some grocery shopping and now I am staying inside our nice warm apartment. Tomorrow morning I am participating in the “5 Mile Marathon Kickoff”. Unfortunately it’s the closest I am getting till next week’s marathon this year. I am considering doing it next year however I want to have adequate training. Its something I hope to be able to achieve or at least a ½ marathon.
We are so looking forward to Halloween on Monday. I am still learning day by day about it all. I bought candy today for all the trick or treater’s that may come to our door I hope.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Career/Children dilemma................

This week I received a few emails responding to job searches I had done months ago. I know there are other mothers that feel similar to the way I do at times. Sometimes I really miss working in an office or even an aircraft like I did many years ago. I miss that getting up, getting dressed and heading out to do a day’s work. I sometimes fantasize at how exciting it would be to be part of the corporate world here in Manhattan. There is a validation that you receive form working regardless of what it may be you do. I suppose sometimes the role of a mother is so under valuated that you long to feel that acknowledgement that you once had received before children came along.
Back home in Australia I was so lucky to have had the perfect balance with my employment. I worked three days that were totally flexible around my kids. Once I explored employment opportunities here in Manhattan were not going to be the same.
I love my girls and cherish the time I have with them at the moment as I know it’s limited. They actually want to be around their mother which as they grow up I understand will totally change. This is why I took on this venture of mine and started my own Travel Agency. I made my perfect balance here in Manhattan.
So many children here are looked after by nannies or sitters. It’s actually very normal and the way life is. A double income is what is needed here to maintain a good standard of living. I am very lucky that I don’t need to work however and extra income would defiantly make our lives a lot easier. Isabel said a comment to me the other day. She was so happy I always attend all her activities and functions. I realized that not all children have their parents available. It made me realize that I am doing the right thing for my family. I want my girls to always know I will be there. Hugo is amazing and he tries to attend as much as he can. Hugo has always supported my decisions and we both agreed that the girls need me now and I am actually really enjoying it too.
I have started to really focus now on growing my business and I feel that specialising in family vacations is the way to go. Travelling with children is at times challenging so I feel I am experienced enough to guide my clients in the right choices for them and their families.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Seasons are changing again........

Well this morning I went for a run in Central Park. The weather is really cooling down and so the seasons change again. It’s such a magnificent thing to actually experience four distinct seasons.
We are into the full swing of school activities now also. It seems to be so busy with running around with both girls to various activities, play dates etc. Isabel has made new friends this year which is great for me as I also get to meet more parents. I am still amazed at how friendly New Yorkers are and how inviting and accommodating they are.
I also have made many acquaintances online with the various websites I have joined. One in particular who feature my blog called “Mommyslinks” have been particularly friendly. I know back home when I was at home not working I found chatting online a real comfort. The ladies in there are so friendly and the website has been such a useful source of local information for me.
Jennifer often sends out invites to local events that either her helpers or bloggers could attend. Lucky for us I was able to attend one today. It was a Family day even held by a company called THQ. We arrived pretty much not knowing what it was really all about. The girls were on their best behavior as I had instructed them to do so. It was held at a hotel of 5th Avenue called The Setai. We arrived and the girls were simply overwhelmed with Wii, Xbox and Play station overload. They were basically displaying all the games available these holidays. They also had an amazing selection of food and drinks that were specifically catered for families and absolutely delicious. We enjoyed our afternoon immensely and were very grateful to be part of this experience. As we left the girls were given some gift bags and they were actually given a Wii U Draw Game Tablet which they have not stopped playing with. I love it! They can “paint” and “draw” with no mess!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Cattle Dog in the Upper West Side??

The other day after dropping Isabel at school I did my usual stroll with Annika towards her preschool. I have mentioned before quite a number of times about the dogs here in Manhattan. There are so many and all just meticulously groomed. Very well trained and just always such a delight for me and my girls. I have personally met so many as the owners always disclose age and name so proudly. I dare to say that a dog is somewhat of a status symbol here on the Upper West Side but in a great way
I walked up my usual 79th between Amsterdam and Broadway when a saw a dog I had not seen in almost a year. I saw the most adorable cattle dog pup and of course I stared in amazement. It’s funny how things that were so common back home just grab my attention so dramatically here. I saw he had a man owner and he noticed my stare at his dog. He looked up at me and it the true Australian Accent declared that his dog was an Australian Cattle dog. I initially was somewhat startled that he didn’t automatically know I too was Australian. I responded in my best Australian Accent “yes I know”. I continued to tell him that it was the reason I was staring at his dog as I have not seen one here at all. He chuckled and told me that it was exactly why he had got it. He then continued to tell me about the Australian bar he owned across the road called the “The Sunburnt Calf”. Well can you believe it! I told Hugo and much to his delight they show the Rugby there. It may become a place we go to celebrate Australian Celebrations. As a matter of fact I just got an invite form the Australian women in New York to a Melbourne Cup Day/Night function and of all places there. 
Always a new revelation around the corner in New York...........

Friday, October 14, 2011

Time just flies..........

I have been so busy hence why my temporary absence.
We moved into a different apartment so we moved from the third floor to the seventh. Its lighter and its nicer than the previous one. I have decided also to try and make our apartment more “homey”. I have found that for the first year here I seemed to avoid doing that? Maybe it was a feeling of this move not being permanent that was in the back of my mine. I feel so far the last apartment looked like the first apartment you have when you finish school. Very basic!! I realize it’s not fair on the girls. Isabel constantly comments when she visits friends at how “rich” they are as they have “stuff”. I lovingly explain to her we also had lots of “stuff” back home. However we had to minimize our “stuff” hence why we start fresh here in Manhattan.
My sister in law was here for under a week. We went out with her a few days and did the “Lindin” NYC sightseeing tours. I am pretty sure she enjoyed her stay as she emailed me from the airport. Her and her husband are planning another trip here next year. Funny that New York has that affect on you! Maybe that is why I don’t want to leave.
Hugo is currently in Sweden visiting his father. He has been meaning to do this for a while but its been a juggling act with his work. His father is quite elderly and this will be the last trip he makes to see him.They have a somewhat complicated and dysfunctional relationship which is a shame. However I hope his father is happy and grateful of his trip over there.
Next Tuesday one of my friends here is having a baby. I met her at the start of spring. We actually met via email through a friend of a friend. She has been a lovely “play date” buddy and her little boy is very close to Annika. I am looking after him next Tuesday while Mommy and Daddy go to the hospital to pick up his new sibling. Very exciting the arrival of a baby. This will be my first here in New York. Almost seems symbolic as I approach my one year anniversary in the Big Apple.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Were moving!

Well all I have to say is THANK YOU UNIVERSE. We are moving to the 7th floor in our building to a lighter and renovated apartment. Funny thing is it’s exactly the same price?
Yesterday I casually asked our Super’s wife if she knew of any apartments that were going to be vacated soon. I know some of the apartments in this building a very lovely. I have been in them and developed “apartment envy”. She was so excited to tell me of two that were. She then told me I should have said something earlier. Apparently she had just given out an application form to a bigger and beautiful apartment on the 9th floor. She took me up to see it and I wanted it ASAP. We have indicated that we would rent it however unless these new tenants have their credit checks fail its there’s. I am secretly keeping my fingers crossed. However we are moving to another one that size wise is the same but renovated and lighter.
Best thing is that we can move in whenever we want! We have saved on Broker fee’s also. It really is a matter of just knowing people here to get the great deals. I love our neighbourhood and especially love our neighbours and Super. Although I was looking for other places I knew I would miss both them and the location. So I am ecstatic and cannot wait to move in. I have internet being installed on Tuesday so moving then. Kids are at school so should be the easiest move of my life, and I have sure moved a lot in my life.