Wednesday, February 29, 2012

last day

Well I have come to the end of my cleansing program. I have not weighted myself today HOWEVER I was able to wear my "skinny jeans" again. Those jeans are actually not technically skinny jeans however I nicked named them that after they went through the drier here and shrunk. I dont wear them anymore as they were just too tight. I loved them as they are a pair of "Sass and Bide" from back home. I reluctantly grabbed them this morning is a rush to get the kids out the door and was very pleasantly surprised to have them fit and not struggle with the fly.
I have to say I am very happy as I said in a previous post that I was not really wanting to loose weight HOWEVER getting back into those jeans is a huge plus.

If anyone is interested in giving it a go you can visit this website:

On another note I am having some surgery next week. I have been complaining to what I thought was carpal tunnel for about 3 years. Finally I went to a hand surgeon here and its in fact an arthritic joint in my thumb. So I am booked in for surgery next Thursday . I still have mobility in my fingers so should be fun. I can type but not cook yay! Hugo is in for a very big surprise as he confidently has volunteered to do pretty much everything.The positive outcome as this is a permanent solution.

Monday, February 27, 2012

almost finished

Wow feeling great! Lost about 2.5 pounds however I really don't need to loose anymore.
I think with me what I would like changed would need surgery after two kids and breastfeeding LOL

I am also going to incorporate some of the products I like into my everyday life after.

Just wanted to share some photos of the girls in what is like spring type weather we are having.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 4

Well so far so good. I did get a headache at the beginning however feeling much better. I have not weighted myself however I was pretty happy with my weight to start off with anyway. Its been more about the health benefits and understand at a personal level how these products work. I will weight myself tomorrow.

The pieces of advice I would give would be:

1-If you drink coffee start weaning before you commence. Its will make is just that little bit easier.
2-Plan ahead! I think you need to work this program around your life for you to enjoy the benefits.
3- Drink plenty of water!!

Will keep you all updated!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 1

Well today is day one and its the "shake day".
So I started the day as per instructions. Its very weird NOT to make my espresso however I have gone without. I have been to the gym and I thought I would only do a 30 minute run.
I am drinking plenty of water. I am just about to make some lunch which will be the only meal I have today.
I am actually moving things around with the program and I am going to do the cleanse tomorrow. I am working so I figured I would be very busy and it will help.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cleanse Coach

Well I started working this week in my new “other” role. I am a Cleanse coach and basically I will be helping people achieve the results they want to achieve using these Isagenix products.
Now rather than go into detail if you’re interested please visit this website

Like I mentioned previously I also will commence a cleansing program shortly. I am keen to personally go through the experience and I will document everything.
I have already enjoyed talking to clients who have commenced and are already seeing significant changes in their lives. It’s very inspirational to me and I hope to be a source of motivation to many.
I am a big believer in a healthy lifestyle and exercise so I know this role suits perfectly.
If anyone does decided to maybe try this program themselves please let them know you read about it from my blog .Also keep me in the loop as I want to also be part of the experience.
Also for additional support and FAQ there is a Facebook page:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A new venture

Well this week I have taken on another job. I am actually quite excited about it. It’s working from home which is great and I will be supporting all the US and Canadian Clients.
I will introduce the product at a later stage however at this stage I will say it’s a product for nutritional cleansing which results in weight loss and superior health. My title will be a “Cleanse Coach”. I will next week embark personally on the program and I will document it all for my followers to read about.
I am also quite busy with my Travel Agency as I am slowly finding that my Clients are referring new Clients which is wonderful.Its just so lovely and it’s like I have taken a personal interest in all. I am also getting Australian Clients which is also delightful. I feel as an Aussie here in the US I am really able to give great advice. I would also say that with the exchange rate it seems to be better pricing. Currently with the cruise industry we are in what they call the “wave” period and it’s when the cruise lines are offering the best deals.
The latest to come out of Isabel school is that the accused has been charged and will be going to trial.

Schools are now closed for one week as we have President’s day on Monday and it’s the winter break.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Meeting at the school

Well after attending the meeting at the school yesterday there is one answer no one could answer. How the hell did this monster get through the system?
It was very heated and many parents were very angry and spoke up.
Apparently when a reporter went door knocking around the neighborhood where the accused lived no one was surprised.
There were so many red flags that were not picked up.
These predators are allowed to basically prey on the innocent and vulnerable.

We as parents now would like the kids school to go back to normal and to resume the job of giving them the best possible education.
I will keep you all updated!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

We need some answers??

Well this weekend has been a very somber one for us here. Firstly with the shock of what has happen at Isabel's school. And then yesterday with the news of Whitney Houston.

The latest information I have read this morning is even more disturbing and upsetting. I cannot imagine what this poor child and his family are going through. I honestly dont think I could cope if I were the parent of this child.

I feel so sick to the stomach about this.What a total breakdown in the system!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

A parents worse nightmare :(

Today when we got home from school pick up Isabel handed me a letter in a sealed envelope. As I read it I actually started to feel very sick. It was a letter from the principle explaining to us that there has been a case of child molestation at her school. A teachers aid had been arrested today and that a full inquiry was underway.
My first reaction was to ask Isabel if she knew who this teacher was and she did. She the proceeded to tell me she has had him a few times as a substitute.She then explained who he was and reminded me that I had commented on him and his appearance last year.I have never spoken to him however I knew who he was.
Its horrible and very concerning to think this monster has molested a child at her school.
I am attending the meeting on Monday to see what is happening but its made me even more protective of my daughters.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Oh dear how did it happen so fast???

I want to start of my letting all my US followers that the episode on “Anderson” I was on will be filmed 2/15 . I know here in New York it’s on Pix at 4.00pm.
I would love to discuss more however I am not supposed to till it has been on air. What I will say is it was a great experience. The only think that I am probably uncomfortable about is that I actually got quite intoxicated. I am sure the fact it was early and that I was on a relatively empty stomach didn’t help.
What I take out of this besides an awful headache is that is concerning how quickly I could reach a point like this. It actually scared me to think that some kid’s parents are like this on a regular basis?
I will write about the whole day after Wednesday.

***UPDATE*** I just got an email from the Producers saying the show has been postponed so will let you all know when it does come on.