Friday, April 27, 2012

Cruises and the Caribbean

Well I thought I would finally sit down and write some information for all those wonderful followers who also love cruising. I know I have helped a few fellow Aussies with their travel plans over here. I think I will write a bit about the Caribbean as the Cruise Lines tend to categorize the area into 3 main regions. I have also added a link to each with the Cruises available to those areas. I hope this help those that emailed and asked for this. Please if there are other regions I am happy to do them also. For my US followers I will put together an Australia guide very soon!

 Eastern Caribbean - The beaches are sparkling white. The turquoise waters gleam. The sky blazes with a tropical sunset, its colours mirrored in a smooth tropical lagoon. These are the images of the Eastern Caribbean. From pirates to parrotfish, the islands visited on Eastern Caribbean cruises are colorful in more ways than one.

Eastern Caribbean

 Western Caribbean – From the Mayan ruins and the fabulous resorts of Cozumel and Cancun to the awe inspiring cascade of Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica, a Western Caribbean cruise is the perfect blend of adventure, relaxation and astounding natural beauty.

Western Caribbean

 Southern Caribbean - With mountainous tropical rainforests and black-sand beaches, coral reefs and waterside restaurants, hot springs and duty free shopping, a cruise to the islands of the Southern Caribbean is the perfect choice for vacationers who appreciate the beauty of nature.

Southern Caribbean

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The emptiness when family leave........

Well Saturday was the departure of my sister and the family. We raced over to their hotel to say our final goodbye. There is no way to say goodbye and not feel a deep sadness at the fact you know you won’t be seeing them for quite some time. As I watched their car drive off I felt a yearning for the security of my Australia. Back home I have my roots and what has made me what I am today. As I donned on my sunglasses to hide the tears from my daughters I was also overwhelmed by their sadness accompanied by their own tears. For two weeks they had actually had family to play and fight with. Although my nieces and nephew are older there is nothing quite like family. I felt a sense of guilt for taking them away from this. The apartment seemed so empty! The two weeks they were here it was filled with laughter, screaming, food and more laughter. I made them walk so much that I think by the end of the two weeks they were grateful to get away from the endless “Tanya tour of Manhattan”. My sister and I have been through some very hard times as children. We went through the traumatic divorce of our parents. We were the kids that came from the “perfect” family to suddenly overnight be the “divorced” children in an unforgiving Catholic school environment. In the early 80’s divorced parents where rare and few especially in an all girls Catholic school. As if that was not hard enough we then were subjected to emotional abuse that we both endured at the hands of both step-parents. These life affecting situations we endured made us closer and stronger. I will always be there for my sister as I know she will always be there for me. Living on two different continents will never change! I think one thing that Theo said to me the other day really makes sense. He told me I always need to prepare myself for the goodbye. Life here has gone back to normal. I went for a run after 5 weeks since the operation which is great. My hand is healing very well too! My therapist has commented on how amazing my progress is and that my Surgeon is brilliant! My Travel Business has really taken off. I am currently working on quite a few European Vacation's some without Cruises. I think the years in the Travel Industry really has made a difference as I really have so much experience. I am grateful for the wonderful Clients I have and the wonderful referrals I am getting too! Keep them coming!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We are family

Well for the last week and a half we have had the pleasure to have my sister and her family here. They have conveniently stayed in a hotel close by. We have been out everyday exploring and tasting our way through Manhattan. Isabel and Annika are having the time of their lives. They love their cousins and I suspect they will be sad when they leave here on saturday. Yesterday I had the pin removed from my hand and now starts the road to recovery. Although the procedure itself of the pin removal was not too bad.It was the size of the actual pin was quite amazing to me. It was thin but was about 20 cm's long? I can tell already that the surgery was a wise choice for me. The pain that use to radiate up my arm has gone. I am very grateful to my surgeon. I know look forward to a full recovery and a return to proper exercise.