Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Fever grips New York................

Its the day of the Royal Wedding and I cannot believe how much new York has embraced it. For weeks now its been on everyone's mind. Stores that sell British memorabilia have sold out a week ago!
Today I sent Isabel to school with a t-shirt with a queen and a king. I was glad I did as all the kids had either tiara's or some other sort of British paraphernalia.
The coverage started at 4.00am local time. They had Diane Sawyer and Barbra Walters hosting. They are Journalism royalty here!

This afternoon Oprah is also having a "Royal" special with reporters live in London. It's seems the world is in need of a fairytale and William and Cate have done it for us all today.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Putting it out there to the Universe...................

Well I officially have started my job hunt. It will be pretty hard to follow considering I had such a wonderful job back home in Sydney. Steen my employer was such a generous and understanding employer especially with his flexibility. In return he always got 110 % from me and my total loyalty and hard work.
My challenges here in Manhattan will be finding a role that will give me the work/life balance I so desire.
Ideally I would love a position where I could go into the office on the days I don’t have Annika or work from home and around the kids. Anyone who is a mother would understand how we “Mom’s” have amazing multitasking abilities. I am sure it’s something that we develop when our babies are in the womb. I think also the more babies you have the more the ability develops!!
So I have started to formally apply and I have had a few already respond and organize interviews.
I know that when the right one comes along everything will fall into place. I am so looking forward to re-entering the workforce. As much as I love motherhood I also love having my own work and my own identity when it comes to work.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


For a few weeks we have seen flowers pop up all over the city. About a month ago we saw them planting bulbs everywhere. The recent rain and warmer weather has helped these beautiful flowers bloom. There are tulips and daffodils all over the place and they are gorgeous.
I didn’t think much of them except they were the symbol of spring finally being here. The other day I found out the true symbolism of the daffodils.
Apparently after 9/11 a group of Manhattan people decided to plant not just downtown but all over Manhattan these daffodils. They are a symbol of “new life” and rejuvenation. They also a a symbol of all those who lost their lives on that tragic day. Since then they do it every spring and the aim is not to forget who New York had lost. But also and on a positive note how New York was able to shine through and recover from such a catastrophic event. They hope that when you look at the daffodils you think about it. I thought what a beautiful tradition and what a beautiful City this is.

I allowed to look for employment here now........................

The two weeks while Emma was here just flew bye so quickly. We did so much sightseeing which was great. The juggle with the kids was exhausting but a lot of fun. We both on the last night Emma was here attended our cousins wedding. We had a ball and were quite overwhelmed with the fact that we were with our cousins whom we had not seen since we were all kids.
Isabel and I went to JFK to see Emma off the day she left and it was very emotional. Until then I had not felt homesick whatsoever. After Emma left and we returned home for the first time I felt it. It was not so much home but my sister I missed. I was pretty down for a few days after. I do think that skype has helped me cope with things. The fact you can actually see someone when you speak helps a lot with the fact we are so apart geographically.

About a week after Emma left I finally got my work permit. I had applied for it three months ago and that is how long it takes. Up to then I really have had no desire to work. For the first time since having kids I love the fact it’s all about them. Don’t get me wrong I love my “days off” however it’s lovely to be able to relax and just enjoy them. I know they will not be this young forever and especially with Annika who has not started school yet. However since getting this work permit I have been thinking about maybe doing some part-time work.
After you receive this EAD (work permit) you can apply for a social security number. They are very handy to have so I went ahead and applied for it. Since then I am on a mission to get a job. I really don’t know what I want to do however not a lot is “Mom Friendly” here. So I am looking for something that can give me a work/life balance that is a top priority for both Hugo and myself.
I would love to experience what it’s like to work here and to get to know people this way? I have this once in a life time opportunity and I don’t want to let it go by. I know thousands would love to have the opportunity to work here in the USA and I have it. I am so glad I am old and wise as I am able to truly appreciate this once in a lifetime opportunity. Will keep you all posted on the job front.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Just popping out to get another Gray's Papaya!

I can affectionately say the time both Emma and I spent here in Manhattan involved two main things. We ate and we walked! Emma discovered the simple pleasures of the Upper West Side which are Magnolia cupcakes and hot dogs from the Famous Gray’s Papaya. Magnolia bakery is an institution made very famous by of course “Sex and the City”. I can truly say that the cupcakes from there are pure heaven. Luckily for me I also have inside information about the place too. The cupcakes there have a lifespan of just 24 hours. This is something that they pride themselves and very few other bakeries can boast. Their rivals “Crumbs” last for 7 days and are baked in New Jersey. Magnolia cupcakes are baked on the premises daily. You can taste the difference!! Please also don’t get me started on the banana’s a totally different level of sheer bliss. Apparently it’s a favorite of many celebrities that order it on a regular basis when entertaining.
And then there is “Gray’s Papaya”. Right on the corner of Broadway and 72nd. This is another Upper West Institution. They are renowned for their “franks”. People line up for them and they have this funny “recession deal”. You get two dogs and a papaya juice for $4.45! I don’t like hot dogs but my girls love them. Also it seems my sister also had a “special” relationship with them as she would pop and get them quite a number of times. Without embarrassing her too much her excuse was she was not going to be able to have them when she gets home. I am so happy she just loved all our eateries and our famous neighborhood.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The President of the USA

Well finally the day arrived Emma was coming. Isabel and I anxiously made our way to JFK via the subway. I am very confident now traveling all over on the subway and find it very easy and extremely efficient. When you first use the subway here is does seems so overwhelming. There are many lines and people are always in a rush so you do feel intimidated by the sheer speed your expected to maintain. After our reunion we proceeded to our town car (car service) and off we headed home. Here in New York there is a real issue with what they call “gypsy cabs” at JFK Airport. They are basically other illegal car services that lure you into riding with them. These ‘cabs” have no meters so innocent tourists get in them and then get hit with an astronomical bill. They usually also intimidate the naive tourist so much at the end of the journey that they always get the ridiculous fare that ask for. An example is of someone I heard having to pay $150 USD  (not including tolls and tip)when normally the fare is $60 USD which includes the tolls and tip. I warned Emma about this and when I arrived she had already been asked seven times before I had got to her. If visiting New York either book a car service online or only use a yellow cab!! Otherwise the subway is great it’s so well organized and easy to do into Manhattan.
The first couple of days involved familiarizing Emma to our neighborhood. We did a quick day trip over to New Jersey as there is an outlet mall I had been meaning to check out. It was huge and we did buy a few things. I am still surprised at how well organized transportation is here in this busy city.
I would have to say one of the highlights was my personal welcoming by Barrack Obama. Well that may be a slight exaggeration however I did get a wave. This was totally not planned but in true New York style you never know who you may bump into. We had just collected Annika from her preschool when the street we walk down (Columbus) was covered in Police. As we got closer to the main intersection we noticed everything was being blocked off. At first we thought it was asecret service celebrity however there was just too much security so I knew it must be some sort of dignitary. I asked a nanny that was with a child and she told me it was Barrack Obama.
We stood there for about one hour. Emma was over it and did not share my enthusiasm. She would have been more impressed if it had been a celebrity. I on the hand was very excited to actually see the President of the United States. It truly was like a scene out of a movie. Secret Service  all over the place. They even had Sanitation trucks (garbage trucks) blocking off all the side streets. They inspected every trash can and every newspaper vending machine. Then finally I could see the black entourage making its way from Central Park west. There were helicopters hovering and two SUV’s I suspected he would be in. It was not the first but the second SUV he was in. He looked out and waved. So there it was my official welcome from the President of the United States. I felt so welcomed.......