Friday, April 15, 2011

Just popping out to get another Gray's Papaya!

I can affectionately say the time both Emma and I spent here in Manhattan involved two main things. We ate and we walked! Emma discovered the simple pleasures of the Upper West Side which are Magnolia cupcakes and hot dogs from the Famous Gray’s Papaya. Magnolia bakery is an institution made very famous by of course “Sex and the City”. I can truly say that the cupcakes from there are pure heaven. Luckily for me I also have inside information about the place too. The cupcakes there have a lifespan of just 24 hours. This is something that they pride themselves and very few other bakeries can boast. Their rivals “Crumbs” last for 7 days and are baked in New Jersey. Magnolia cupcakes are baked on the premises daily. You can taste the difference!! Please also don’t get me started on the banana’s a totally different level of sheer bliss. Apparently it’s a favorite of many celebrities that order it on a regular basis when entertaining.
And then there is “Gray’s Papaya”. Right on the corner of Broadway and 72nd. This is another Upper West Institution. They are renowned for their “franks”. People line up for them and they have this funny “recession deal”. You get two dogs and a papaya juice for $4.45! I don’t like hot dogs but my girls love them. Also it seems my sister also had a “special” relationship with them as she would pop and get them quite a number of times. Without embarrassing her too much her excuse was she was not going to be able to have them when she gets home. I am so happy she just loved all our eateries and our famous neighborhood.
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