Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Hi All,

Just a quick post to my followers to let you all know we are fine. We are very lucky to have no damage to our building and power! So many were not as lucky! When I have some more time I will post about our experience.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

My 2 year anniversary is approaching....

Well this is approaching and I can honestly say these last two years have flown.
Although the initial excitement literally about everything has subsided, I still often sit back and just feel so grateful to be living in this amazing city.
Lately I have been very lucky to have friends that have come to vacation here. I also love listening to their initial impressions as they remind me of my first moments here too.
I have reached a point that sometimes I get confused about certain products and if they are from here of from back home. Recently whilst on a play date a friend of mine handed a rice cake to her daughter. It caught my attention as there was this sense of familiarity. I had recollections of Isabel sucking them as a baby in her high chair? I then started to think about it and logic was telling me this could not be so? Isabel was seven when we arrived. It just did not add up?  I am not one to leave things alone if they do not add up. I kept thinking about it then asked my friend to hand me the package. It was very familiar and I almost felt a sense of nostalgia. Closer inspection of the packet then confirmed my feelings. This was a packet “Corn Thins” and you guessed it from AUSTRALIA.
The next day I headed straight to Fairways Market and bought a few packets. The girls happily now munch on the regularly.
We have also now settled into our routine. The girls are at school and I am working. I love working for Cultural Care Au Pair. I am very fortunate to have an amazing group of families and au pairs to work with. I also have increased my work load as I now have the time to do so.
The weather has also cooled down so although it’s slightly depressing about the colder winter approaching, the harvest season is upon us. I adore the fall. I love the approach of Halloween.
Here are some recent photos
 This is "Mickey" trying to make a buck in Times Square.

View of the Brooklyn Bridge from a water cab we caught to Brooklyn Ikea.

 One of the Brownstones on our street preparing for Halloween. Keep tuned as I will do my Halloween special post as I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!

My Isabel with her BFF from when they wer only 2 and at Moore Park Gardens in Darlinghurst. They have maintained a friendship since then. Now that we live over here its email and now skype that will keep them in touch.