Tuesday, April 19, 2011


For a few weeks we have seen flowers pop up all over the city. About a month ago we saw them planting bulbs everywhere. The recent rain and warmer weather has helped these beautiful flowers bloom. There are tulips and daffodils all over the place and they are gorgeous.
I didn’t think much of them except they were the symbol of spring finally being here. The other day I found out the true symbolism of the daffodils.
Apparently after 9/11 a group of Manhattan people decided to plant not just downtown but all over Manhattan these daffodils. They are a symbol of “new life” and rejuvenation. They also a a symbol of all those who lost their lives on that tragic day. Since then they do it every spring and the aim is not to forget who New York had lost. But also and on a positive note how New York was able to shine through and recover from such a catastrophic event. They hope that when you look at the daffodils you think about it. I thought what a beautiful tradition and what a beautiful City this is.
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