Friday, April 22, 2011

Putting it out there to the Universe...................

Well I officially have started my job hunt. It will be pretty hard to follow considering I had such a wonderful job back home in Sydney. Steen my employer was such a generous and understanding employer especially with his flexibility. In return he always got 110 % from me and my total loyalty and hard work.
My challenges here in Manhattan will be finding a role that will give me the work/life balance I so desire.
Ideally I would love a position where I could go into the office on the days I don’t have Annika or work from home and around the kids. Anyone who is a mother would understand how we “Mom’s” have amazing multitasking abilities. I am sure it’s something that we develop when our babies are in the womb. I think also the more babies you have the more the ability develops!!
So I have started to formally apply and I have had a few already respond and organize interviews.
I know that when the right one comes along everything will fall into place. I am so looking forward to re-entering the workforce. As much as I love motherhood I also love having my own work and my own identity when it comes to work.

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