Friday, April 27, 2012

Cruises and the Caribbean

Well I thought I would finally sit down and write some information for all those wonderful followers who also love cruising. I know I have helped a few fellow Aussies with their travel plans over here. I think I will write a bit about the Caribbean as the Cruise Lines tend to categorize the area into 3 main regions. I have also added a link to each with the Cruises available to those areas. I hope this help those that emailed and asked for this. Please if there are other regions I am happy to do them also. For my US followers I will put together an Australia guide very soon!

 Eastern Caribbean - The beaches are sparkling white. The turquoise waters gleam. The sky blazes with a tropical sunset, its colours mirrored in a smooth tropical lagoon. These are the images of the Eastern Caribbean. From pirates to parrotfish, the islands visited on Eastern Caribbean cruises are colorful in more ways than one.

Eastern Caribbean

 Western Caribbean – From the Mayan ruins and the fabulous resorts of Cozumel and Cancun to the awe inspiring cascade of Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica, a Western Caribbean cruise is the perfect blend of adventure, relaxation and astounding natural beauty.

Western Caribbean

 Southern Caribbean - With mountainous tropical rainforests and black-sand beaches, coral reefs and waterside restaurants, hot springs and duty free shopping, a cruise to the islands of the Southern Caribbean is the perfect choice for vacationers who appreciate the beauty of nature.

Southern Caribbean

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