Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We are family

Well for the last week and a half we have had the pleasure to have my sister and her family here. They have conveniently stayed in a hotel close by. We have been out everyday exploring and tasting our way through Manhattan. Isabel and Annika are having the time of their lives. They love their cousins and I suspect they will be sad when they leave here on saturday. Yesterday I had the pin removed from my hand and now starts the road to recovery. Although the procedure itself of the pin removal was not too bad.It was the size of the actual pin was quite amazing to me. It was thin but was about 20 cm's long? I can tell already that the surgery was a wise choice for me. The pain that use to radiate up my arm has gone. I am very grateful to my surgeon. I know look forward to a full recovery and a return to proper exercise.
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