Monday, May 7, 2012

Time just flies.............

Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday we arrived here to Manhattan.   I  feel life is going by so fast especially here in this FAST CITY! I have another birthday a few weeks away and I suppose that middle aged dilemma is starting to rear its ugly head again.
I have had friends return to Australia and others move out the “suburbs” so lots of changes. As a matter of fact that is another consistent aspect about life here constant change.
As summer approaches as do the tourist buses. I watch them constantly touring up Broadway and that almost replicated look of sheer amazement I see on all the tourist faces.
We are all back into our routines after the weeks of guests we had a few weeks back. It seems like ages ago now as life keeps moving at a fast pace.
Yesterday we went for another “exploration” day to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I had heard about it and its similarity to Newtown back in Sydney. I also was quite excited at the fact that “Toby’s Estate” had opened up a roasting house there. It didn’t take long to get there and Williamsburg didn’t disappoint. Its eclectic, grungy feeling was very similar to Newtown except it still has that distinct New York diversity to it.

We went to that waterfront where you get an amazing view of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. We ventured through the Flea market where we had the most amazing shrimp rolls.It was a great day of discovering another one of New York's hidden gems. I have some photos to share also.
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