Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Australia (Down-under)

Since arriving to Manhattan is been a constant and exciting learning lesson for all four of us. We have all had lessons and obviously at different levels.  Isabel has had a particularly amazing journey through her adaptation to a different school system. She has had to make new school friends and alter the way she speaks and says things at time. I am very proud of her adapting skills and I hope that these skills she has acquired will help her in her future. This was one of the main reasons I wanted to make the move. I wanted my girls to be culturally diverse and accepting. It’s always been a quality I am so proud I have and it was also a quality in Hugo that attracting me to him when I first met him. This experience of living here in Manhattan is no doubt one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences of my life. In saying that it has also brought out this amazing patriotism I have for Australia.
Although I still feel no homesickness whatsoever I do feel a very strong connection to my people and my land. I nearly every day read the Sydney Morning Herald online to keep in touch with current affairs. I always get asked about what aspects of Australia do I miss? I miss my BBQ (grill) in our patio. I miss preparing our dinner outside in summer and the smell of Maroubra Beach in the air. I miss my laundry. I miss reading the Sunday papers on the beach. It was the highlight of my Sundays back home. I would race down to the beach and try and read it while the wind blew the pages and sand got all over it. When my sister was here not long ago and she brought some “Allens Lollies” (Candy). Hugo and I just simply devoured them and the taste of them brought me back home for a moment or two. So it’s actually quite simple things I miss as life if much more simple and quieter back home.
The other day I was walking up Columbus and I saw a poster that captured my eye instantly. It was the word “Australian” that did it. I am drawn to that world anywhere as it’s not common and you don’t really hear or see many things about Australia here. As I continued to read it I was overwhelmed with that sense of patriotism I spoke about earlier. It was the Australian Ballet company performing here in Manhattan. Even better at Lincoln Center which is a five minute walk from our apartment. I am very happy to say I am taking Isabel to see “Swan Lake”. It will be her first ever ballet performance and I am so proud to say it will be an Australian production here in NYC. If you would like more detail on how to also purchase tickets here is the website.

I will let you all know all about it after we attend.
To complete my week of Aussie nostalgia I received a phone call from Isabel’s school teacher. Ruth has been an inspirational and truly dedicated teacher this year to Isabel. I have never met such a magnificent and versatile teacher like her. She has been particularly special to Isabel this year .Isabel has she had some struggles with mathematics which I am so happy to report is slowly overcoming. I feel so grateful that she was able to be very instrumental in helping us help Isabel achieve her full potential.
They will commence a new nation in their social studies tomorrow and it’s Australia. Ruth has asked another Mum and myself to come in and give the third graders a talk about Australia. The other Mom is married to a New Yorker and has been living here now for ten years. I am trying to figure out exactly what I should talk about especially as I want to captivate my third grade audience. I am now off to play with Photoshop and create some photos of us at the beach with our pet Kangaroo (Skippy). I figured that would definitely capture their attention!

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