Saturday, February 18, 2012

A new venture

Well this week I have taken on another job. I am actually quite excited about it. It’s working from home which is great and I will be supporting all the US and Canadian Clients.
I will introduce the product at a later stage however at this stage I will say it’s a product for nutritional cleansing which results in weight loss and superior health. My title will be a “Cleanse Coach”. I will next week embark personally on the program and I will document it all for my followers to read about.
I am also quite busy with my Travel Agency as I am slowly finding that my Clients are referring new Clients which is wonderful.Its just so lovely and it’s like I have taken a personal interest in all. I am also getting Australian Clients which is also delightful. I feel as an Aussie here in the US I am really able to give great advice. I would also say that with the exchange rate it seems to be better pricing. Currently with the cruise industry we are in what they call the “wave” period and it’s when the cruise lines are offering the best deals.
The latest to come out of Isabel school is that the accused has been charged and will be going to trial.

Schools are now closed for one week as we have President’s day on Monday and it’s the winter break.
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