Friday, February 10, 2012

A parents worse nightmare :(

Today when we got home from school pick up Isabel handed me a letter in a sealed envelope. As I read it I actually started to feel very sick. It was a letter from the principle explaining to us that there has been a case of child molestation at her school. A teachers aid had been arrested today and that a full inquiry was underway.
My first reaction was to ask Isabel if she knew who this teacher was and she did. She the proceeded to tell me she has had him a few times as a substitute.She then explained who he was and reminded me that I had commented on him and his appearance last year.I have never spoken to him however I knew who he was.
Its horrible and very concerning to think this monster has molested a child at her school.
I am attending the meeting on Monday to see what is happening but its made me even more protective of my daughters.
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