Thursday, February 9, 2012

Oh dear how did it happen so fast???

I want to start of my letting all my US followers that the episode on “Anderson” I was on will be filmed 2/15 . I know here in New York it’s on Pix at 4.00pm.
I would love to discuss more however I am not supposed to till it has been on air. What I will say is it was a great experience. The only think that I am probably uncomfortable about is that I actually got quite intoxicated. I am sure the fact it was early and that I was on a relatively empty stomach didn’t help.
What I take out of this besides an awful headache is that is concerning how quickly I could reach a point like this. It actually scared me to think that some kid’s parents are like this on a regular basis?
I will write about the whole day after Wednesday.

***UPDATE*** I just got an email from the Producers saying the show has been postponed so will let you all know when it does come on.
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