Thursday, October 27, 2011

Career/Children dilemma................

This week I received a few emails responding to job searches I had done months ago. I know there are other mothers that feel similar to the way I do at times. Sometimes I really miss working in an office or even an aircraft like I did many years ago. I miss that getting up, getting dressed and heading out to do a day’s work. I sometimes fantasize at how exciting it would be to be part of the corporate world here in Manhattan. There is a validation that you receive form working regardless of what it may be you do. I suppose sometimes the role of a mother is so under valuated that you long to feel that acknowledgement that you once had received before children came along.
Back home in Australia I was so lucky to have had the perfect balance with my employment. I worked three days that were totally flexible around my kids. Once I explored employment opportunities here in Manhattan were not going to be the same.
I love my girls and cherish the time I have with them at the moment as I know it’s limited. They actually want to be around their mother which as they grow up I understand will totally change. This is why I took on this venture of mine and started my own Travel Agency. I made my perfect balance here in Manhattan.
So many children here are looked after by nannies or sitters. It’s actually very normal and the way life is. A double income is what is needed here to maintain a good standard of living. I am very lucky that I don’t need to work however and extra income would defiantly make our lives a lot easier. Isabel said a comment to me the other day. She was so happy I always attend all her activities and functions. I realized that not all children have their parents available. It made me realize that I am doing the right thing for my family. I want my girls to always know I will be there. Hugo is amazing and he tries to attend as much as he can. Hugo has always supported my decisions and we both agreed that the girls need me now and I am actually really enjoying it too.
I have started to really focus now on growing my business and I feel that specialising in family vacations is the way to go. Travelling with children is at times challenging so I feel I am experienced enough to guide my clients in the right choices for them and their families.

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