Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Seasons are changing again........

Well this morning I went for a run in Central Park. The weather is really cooling down and so the seasons change again. It’s such a magnificent thing to actually experience four distinct seasons.
We are into the full swing of school activities now also. It seems to be so busy with running around with both girls to various activities, play dates etc. Isabel has made new friends this year which is great for me as I also get to meet more parents. I am still amazed at how friendly New Yorkers are and how inviting and accommodating they are.
I also have made many acquaintances online with the various websites I have joined. One in particular who feature my blog called “Mommyslinks” have been particularly friendly. I know back home when I was at home not working I found chatting online a real comfort. The ladies in there are so friendly and the website has been such a useful source of local information for me.
Jennifer often sends out invites to local events that either her helpers or bloggers could attend. Lucky for us I was able to attend one today. It was a Family day even held by a company called THQ. We arrived pretty much not knowing what it was really all about. The girls were on their best behavior as I had instructed them to do so. It was held at a hotel of 5th Avenue called The Setai. We arrived and the girls were simply overwhelmed with Wii, Xbox and Play station overload. They were basically displaying all the games available these holidays. They also had an amazing selection of food and drinks that were specifically catered for families and absolutely delicious. We enjoyed our afternoon immensely and were very grateful to be part of this experience. As we left the girls were given some gift bags and they were actually given a Wii U Draw Game Tablet which they have not stopped playing with. I love it! They can “paint” and “draw” with no mess!!

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