Friday, October 14, 2011

Time just flies..........

I have been so busy hence why my temporary absence.
We moved into a different apartment so we moved from the third floor to the seventh. Its lighter and its nicer than the previous one. I have decided also to try and make our apartment more “homey”. I have found that for the first year here I seemed to avoid doing that? Maybe it was a feeling of this move not being permanent that was in the back of my mine. I feel so far the last apartment looked like the first apartment you have when you finish school. Very basic!! I realize it’s not fair on the girls. Isabel constantly comments when she visits friends at how “rich” they are as they have “stuff”. I lovingly explain to her we also had lots of “stuff” back home. However we had to minimize our “stuff” hence why we start fresh here in Manhattan.
My sister in law was here for under a week. We went out with her a few days and did the “Lindin” NYC sightseeing tours. I am pretty sure she enjoyed her stay as she emailed me from the airport. Her and her husband are planning another trip here next year. Funny that New York has that affect on you! Maybe that is why I don’t want to leave.
Hugo is currently in Sweden visiting his father. He has been meaning to do this for a while but its been a juggling act with his work. His father is quite elderly and this will be the last trip he makes to see him.They have a somewhat complicated and dysfunctional relationship which is a shame. However I hope his father is happy and grateful of his trip over there.
Next Tuesday one of my friends here is having a baby. I met her at the start of spring. We actually met via email through a friend of a friend. She has been a lovely “play date” buddy and her little boy is very close to Annika. I am looking after him next Tuesday while Mommy and Daddy go to the hospital to pick up his new sibling. Very exciting the arrival of a baby. This will be my first here in New York. Almost seems symbolic as I approach my one year anniversary in the Big Apple.

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