Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Cattle Dog in the Upper West Side??

The other day after dropping Isabel at school I did my usual stroll with Annika towards her preschool. I have mentioned before quite a number of times about the dogs here in Manhattan. There are so many and all just meticulously groomed. Very well trained and just always such a delight for me and my girls. I have personally met so many as the owners always disclose age and name so proudly. I dare to say that a dog is somewhat of a status symbol here on the Upper West Side but in a great way
I walked up my usual 79th between Amsterdam and Broadway when a saw a dog I had not seen in almost a year. I saw the most adorable cattle dog pup and of course I stared in amazement. It’s funny how things that were so common back home just grab my attention so dramatically here. I saw he had a man owner and he noticed my stare at his dog. He looked up at me and it the true Australian Accent declared that his dog was an Australian Cattle dog. I initially was somewhat startled that he didn’t automatically know I too was Australian. I responded in my best Australian Accent “yes I know”. I continued to tell him that it was the reason I was staring at his dog as I have not seen one here at all. He chuckled and told me that it was exactly why he had got it. He then continued to tell me about the Australian bar he owned across the road called the “The Sunburnt Calf”. Well can you believe it! I told Hugo and much to his delight they show the Rugby there. It may become a place we go to celebrate Australian Celebrations. As a matter of fact I just got an invite form the Australian women in New York to a Melbourne Cup Day/Night function and of all places there. 
Always a new revelation around the corner in New York...........
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