Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Snowfall of the year...............

They have been talking about a winter blast and possible snow all week. Last night’s forecast was for rain then possibly turning into snow late at night. Well it starting snowing about 3 hours ago and has not stopped.
As much as it became such an obstacle last winter there is something just spectacular about the first snow of the season. Isabel and Annika has been glued to the window watching it fall. Annika is older and seems to be so much more aware of its significance this time around. The snow didn’t arrive last year till December 26th so wondering if this is a sign of another brutal winter.
Did some grocery shopping and now I am staying inside our nice warm apartment. Tomorrow morning I am participating in the “5 Mile Marathon Kickoff”. Unfortunately it’s the closest I am getting till next week’s marathon this year. I am considering doing it next year however I want to have adequate training. Its something I hope to be able to achieve or at least a ½ marathon.
We are so looking forward to Halloween on Monday. I am still learning day by day about it all. I bought candy today for all the trick or treater’s that may come to our door I hope.

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