Friday, December 9, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

Today I dropped Isabel off to her friends place for her first official sleepover. I have never seen here so excited. She has been invited for an overnight visit to an indoor water park in Pennsylvania. She also has another friend from her school going too. She was so excited she could not even eat breakfast and declined a hot chocolate from Starbucks!

Naturally as a mother there is always the apprehension you feel when you allow your child a freedom they have never experienced before. I see this as the beginning to many more experiences in her life she will do on her own now.
It’s a difficult process I suppose all parents go through were we protect them so intensely and then comes a time we have to release the grip. I have spent all afternoon thinking about the last 8 years and where have they gone?
Isabel is really growing up and making these amazing bonds with friends that I know will last a lifetime. I feel that this New York environment is just such a wonderful one for her as she has truly blossomed. She has become some confident which is just so reassuring for me as her mother.
She will return tomorrow afternoon and I am sure with some amazing stories to tell.
Sunday her and I are attending the New York famous “Radio City Christmas Spectacular”.

It’s something she has wanted to do for a long time and finally the wait is over. I hope to take some amazing photos and be sure to post here to share with you all.
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