Friday, December 2, 2011

Irish Night and some Paddy dancing

Last night I had the funniest night with some friends. We have started a bit of a “Cultural Exploration”. We have decided to choose each other’s cultures and choose a venue here in Manhattan for our “girl’s nights” that have become a permanent fixture on my social calendar. Last night it was Ireland.

We caught a cab from the Upper West Side and headed to the east and down towards midtown. We noticed that there was an Irish area here in Manhattan that we didn’t know about? Its definitely one of the many alluring qualities of Manhattan. You are always discovering something new. We arrived to a pub that was small but full of Irish warmth and hospitality. I would not exactly say this is a very upmarket type venue. However on the flip-side it was a warm and an inviting place to sit, have a few beers and a good laugh. It was a Thursday night and that was Irish Music night. We were entertained by a solo dancer who seemed to maybe either work or own the establishment. My friend who is Irish also treated us to a bit of her own “Paddy Dance”. We were actually surprised as she definitely puts Michael Flattery to shame with her outstanding moves.
Looking forward to the next culture!!! And the next night out too ;)
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