Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Our experience PART TWO

The pictures and stories on the TV have left me with no words.
What Sandy has done to so many of my fellow New Yorkers is simply catastrophic.
It’s almost surreal as I look at the devastation downtown and knowing that is a short subway trip away. Seems like a world away at the same time. We are truly blessed here in the Upper West Side! Beside a few businesses that were closed it seemed life was almost back to normal.
As the time went on the division between our City became more and more evident. It was like a line was drawn in the sand. There were those of us that reside uptown who were able to continue as if very little had changed.  Then there were those who had reside downtown. They had to pack up and find some way to survive in a city that was increasingly getting dangerously cold and unlivable.
The TV coverage was totally and completely about life here after Sandy. The main channels were just broadcasting 24/7 what had happen and how New York was going to recover. It made me think a lot about what life would have been like here during 9/11.
As the hours and days went on more and more the devastation became evident it was just horrendous. 
The moment everyone was able to leave their apartments the community sprit just kicked in. Everyone and I mean everyone was trying to do their bit to try and help those not as fortunate. It’s been an overwhelming experience. Hugo and I have done the most we can do to donate to help.
This City has always amazed me and at some many different levels. This time I have been amazed by the sheer determination and strength of my fellow New Yorkers. They are a breed that never gives up even when they are hit with a storm that was so strong and powerful it blew a rollercoaster at Seaside Heights into the ocean.  
At the moment we have thousands of people in various areas of the Tri-State in refuges. We also have so many people in their homes without power.
And then to add salt to the wound two days ago we had another north easterly storm that brought 6-8 inches of snow! More people lost their power L

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