Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Atlantis Resort Bahamas

Well we finally got to the Bahamas. It was a bit touch and go for a few days as we had hurricane Isaac trying to ruin our much anticipated vacation.
August being the last month of the summer break for the kids also tends to be high hurricane season too. This is why the deals are amazing and we were also able to get a great deal for Atlantis.
Isabel has been dreaming of Atlantis since the day we arrived in New York. They do endless advertising on television. I have to admit it looks like an island paradise so I can totally understand how alluring to her it was.
I also realize that as a Travel Agent the amount of inquires I have had about Atlantis was quite amazing. I was curious to see for myself the hype around this place. I also have Cruise Clients that stop in Nassau and buy a day pass to the Resort.
For those of you who have no idea about this resort here it is:

We arrived and it was overcast and very windy. We had been warned that the weather was going to be a bit bad as Isaac had passed however still relatively close. After clearing customs on our arrival into Nassau we boarded our bus to the resort full of anticipation and delight. We had been driving for about ten minutes when we first had glimpses of the turquoise waters of the Bahamas. As we got closer I was amazed at the color of the water and even more amazing it was so cloudy and overcast yet this water was spectacular. I could only imagine what it would look like in sunshine. We had come to the conclusion that we were probably going to have bad weather all week. We were ok with it as we were on vacation and we had the amazing slides and resort to enjoy.
We arrived and much to our delight we upgraded to a larger room and an ocean view!
The view we had was breathtaking and here is a photo.

The time we had was probably one of the best vacations I have had with the kids. The resort is truly amazing and caters so well for families. Everything was five stars and the service was impeccable. I am more than happy to go into specifics if anyone is interested in a vacation there. Please just email my work email and I am happy to elaborate

And to top of what was a magnificent time away we had picture perfect weather that definitely was the icing on the cake. I now have a new addiction ..........The Caribbean and to discover every island!
We are currently suffering the “vacation blues”

This is one of the Lazy rivers. We just had a ball!

Yes that is my coming down the "leap of faith".

Hugo and Isabel during a Shallow water interaction.This was their dolphin named "Missy"

Isabel got to cuddle and kiss her. It was an experience she will treasure always!

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