Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back to school

Well its that time again when the children end their very long summer break and head back for a new year at school. Isabel in going into fourth grade and Annika is starting PreK.
They are both attending the same school now which does make things so much easier. Annika will be attending 5 days a week from8.30am till 2.00pm.  I have mentioned how fortunate we are that Annika was selected as there were only 18 positions and 500 applicants applied.
These first couple of weeks are simply chaotic as there is so many half days, curriculum meetings etc.

I am looking forward to some sort of routine after 11 weeks of summer break!

I have decided to return to fulltime work which excites me and also terrifies me. I think the juggle is what really terrifies me. However living in the city of “outsourcing” I know I will be able to make it work.
I was offered a position in the Travel Industry however I have declined as it simply made no financial sense to take this on. I would have to employ a babysitter/Nanny to collect the girls after school so I need to factor this expense.It just didn't not work out. I actually would have been a perfect candidate for an au pair! 
However as I am not a US Citizen or Green card holder I don't qualify.Such a shame as the cost and flexibility of the program is why its become so popular here in the USA.

What is also a major consideration to me is how “family friendly” the employer will be?
So I am happy to say I will be doing my role as a Local Childcare Coordinator in a more full-time capacity. It works around the kids and I love doing my job.

So its all made perfect sense and I now start that new phase in my life.............
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