Saturday, March 12, 2011


I have mentioned before that New Yorkers love their food. They enjoy food from every corner of the world too. If it exists anywhere in the world you are able to get it here in New York. The observation I have made however is they love to combine cultures even when they eat. Just like the city itself where it’s a melting pot of cultures and beliefs. The same can be said at the dinner table. I am used to it now however at first it was a bit confusing when ordering “take out”.  You select a Japanese restaurant and as well as having the traditional dishes you somehow then can get these amazing fusion dishes. They combine two foods and create a dish that is a fusion. It’s so New York.
Having young children we do tend to order on the weekends especially when we have had a energetic day. Here in Manhattan you can order food at anytime of the day. This is truly a 24hour city.
I use this website called seamless web and basically everything is done online including the tip!
It’s just way to easy to get food delivered so whenever we have had a busy day or just cannot be bothered its online I get and presto in 20 minutes dinner is served.
Tonight we change our clocks to go forward and its the beginning of the change of season. On the 20th of this month it’s officially spring. Today is a “warm” 12 degrees and the whole neighborhood takes a totally different feel. It’s just delightful as people are coming out of hibernation. It’s also lovely to actually now bump into people I know when out and about. I have made so many friends around the neighborhood including my other man "Theo". I have really made this my home and I am so happy living here.

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