Thursday, March 3, 2011

I can smell Spring........

Well what can I say there is definitely the feel that winter is on the way out. Thankfully we have not had any huge snow falls of late. I never thought I would find myself saying this however life is very hard with two children when the city gets a huge dump of snow. I think if you were here visiting it would not be that bad however with all the airport closures and delays you would somehow be affected.
The temperatures have been a very “warm” 7-12 degrees. I cannot believe how much I seem to have acclimatized to the cold. I actually get quite hot in temperatures that are “cold” for us back in Sydney.
I am looking forward to not having to cover up from head to toe! However today we had a -3 degree day so they say it’s not till Easter that the change then becomes a more permanent fixture. I just hope this weather keeps up as I have my sister here in almost two weeks.
Emma will be here for two weeks and we are all looking forward to it especially the girls. They are quite close to her. We do speak nearly every day on skype but I am dying to give her the “New York” experience. I have many things planned for her. I also want her to experience my life here as its very different to back home. I just love living here and it was the best decision to move over here. I cannot even imagine going home. I do miss my family I must admit but that is it. Maybe things may change over the year but we will see.

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