Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Summer in Manhattan

Well we have another two weeks of school and the summer break officially starts. I really enjoy the not running around and just taking things slowly. We have had a taste of the heat recently however the temperatures are back to what is expected this time of the year.
This morning we got the acceptance email from the NYC department of Education to inform us that Annika was accepted into the Pre Kindergarten program. This is such wonderful news as these positions are so hard to get and she will be attending the same school that Isabel attends.  It’s a full-time program so 5 days a week. Annika is so ready for this and I feel really ready for the next step in her education.
I am still in the process of finishing my training in my new role as a Local Childcare Coordinator here in Manhattan and I am really looking forward to being able to work with both the au pairs and the host families. It will be such an interesting role where I hope my experience in dealing with so many cultures over the years will help me be able to help the families and au pairs adjust to these amazing exchange programs.
We have also finally booked a trip to Atlantis as it’s been so high on Isabel’s to do list! We will be going down to the Bahamas in the last week of August which will be so much fun. I have so many families ask about this resort so I am glad for my business I finally get down there and have first hand experience.
I have added some photos of us in Central Park last week. I just love the different seasons there and summer is definitely my favourite!
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