Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Swan Lake by The Australian Ballet Company.

Sunday was father’s day. I am still adjusting to the different time of the year it’s celebrated here in the US. We took Hugo out for brunch which is a Manhattan institution. New Yorkers love Sunday brunch!
What is even more enticing is that the brunch menus often include unlimited mimosas or Bloody Marys. Isabel and I then headed to the world famous Lincoln centre for our much anticipated performance of Swan Lake by the Australian Ballet Company.
On arrival we noticed that the David Koch theatre was buzzing with people also anticipating this performance. As we proceeded to our seats I was overwhelmed by this magnificent theatre that was specifically designed for ballet performances.  Isabel and I sat down and straight away browsed through our playbill to read about the dancers and the company itself. There was a lovely elderly lady who was sitting behind us who started a conversation with us. She was a New Yorker who heard our accents and was of course very interested to talk to us. She was obviously very knowledge about ballet and asked if Isabel actually studied ballet. She explained to us that in her opinion the Australian Ballet Company was outstanding in their technique and followed the British way of technique. It sounded all very interesting however not being an expert on the subject I politely just nodded and agreed.
 Suddenly the lights dimmed and the performance began...................

Isabel and I sat through what I can only describe as spectacular. The dancers and the music were just absolutely phenomenal. It’s been many years since I have been to a ballet performance. Watching this performance now as an adult gave me a new and amazing perspective I had not experienced as a child.. The pure emotions that I felt throughout this sad story I could identify with.  I too have been betrayed by a man. I too have been in love with a man who was in love with another. I too have had a man love me even thought I knew it could never be. Swan Lake by no means is a “happily ever after” story.
The performance received a standing ovation and Isabel and I clapped with delight and so much Australian pride. Bravo Australian Ballet company bravo!
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