Saturday, June 30, 2012

Latest Manhattan update

I often wonder when I actually became so in tune with the universe and its very mysterious ways.
When I was younger I would set my mind on something or someone (always boys that would break my heart) and I would do everything in my power to attain them. I would fall, dust myself off and then continue on the same path. It never even occurred to me that maybe that was not my path? I don’t know if its age or simply the fact I just had enough that I came to make peace with the universe. I do not consider myself to be religious. I think the many years of a catholic education and seeing the hypocrisy of the so call devout Christians made me have very little belief in something I never really believed in anyway. The universe and a high power is something that I truly believe in and I always have faith in the path it leads me in.
I know sounding very deep and meaningful however I wish I could have been this emotionally and spiritually mature in my 20’s and 30’s. Regardless I am happy to find myself in a peaceful place and that I know I am were I need to be.
Hugo and I are also in a place where we feel very settled and content. Hugo and his work are great and career wise I feel he is achieve some wonderful goals. I am very proud of the fact he is very good at what he does and yet so humble at the same time.
We are waiting for them to complete renovating another apartment in our building which is bigger and has a proper size kitchen. We hope to move into that one when that is done.
The girls are doing great at school. Annika was selected out of 400 applications to attend Pre Kindergarten at Isabel’s school which is commencing in September 2012. This is an amazing opportunity and one we are truly grateful for. So she will be attending full time!
This then leads me to my new role as a Local Childcare Coordinator for Cultural Care Au Pair. 

I have taken on a new role which I plan to do side by side with my Travel Service. I am basically looking after  Au-Pairs and their host families that I am assigned here in my area. I am involved in monthly Meetings that I have to keep the Au Pairs updated. I also have to ensure they and their families are abiding to the regulations that govern this type of cultural exchange program. I am also involved in interviewing and qualifying potential new families. I am also be trained as a mediator to help when things may not go to plan. Regardless I love the challenge and embrace this new chapter in my working career. I also will have more time to focus on my work as both my girls will be at school in September. Anyone that is interested in the Au Pair program my website can be accessed via the link on the top of this page.  Just click on the Cultural care logo.

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