Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dreading the Flight from hell!!!

Well finally the day arrived that the girls and I were going to fly out to be with Hugo. I was very excited but also sad as leaving my family was something that was going to be very hard. After a very sad farewell to them I boarded the flight and bid goodbye to my Sydney.
The flight from Sydney to Los Angeles was hell! Annika slept for 1 hour in the whole 14 hours and I was just exhausted. All that kept me going was that there was a light at the end of the tunnel and that once I got so New York I could finally get a break. We arrived in Los Angeles and I felt a sense of familiarity but that was because a few months ago I had been in the same customs terminal when I had come over to visit my good friend Linda in Orange County. Much to my despair there was no one to help me with my 3 huge bags, stroller and two very tired children. I managed to pick it all up with a trolley and having Isabel wheel the stroller, I checked the bags to JFK. The next flight was easier as Annika finally slept for a few hours. The minute I felt the plane start a descent I felt this absolute gush of excitement. Finally after all the months of preparation it was finally happening and even better, I was going to see Hugo again.
We got off the plane and collected our bags and headed outside and I was just anticipating the look on the girls faces when they saw their father. We walked through the doors that would lead us out and as I looked at the people waiting I saw that there was no Hugo??   We had come out of another exit.
After we were reunited we headed to our car and off to the Milburn Hotel. During the drive there I bombarded the poor Indian driver with questions. I wanted to know everything and I wanted to know it now. I wanted to just breath in everything I could about this new city that was going to be my home.
We got to the hotel and it was small but comfortable. Hugo had everything set up for us and went out to get us all some food. We had not eaten much during the trip over which was close to 24 hours of travelling. He came back with the biggest pieces of pizza I had ever seen. Welcome to New York and to New York pizza which is a new love I have developed. We put the kids to sleep and then I went to bed and I slept like there was no tomorrow.
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