Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Well how the hell did this whole mid-life adventure start??

Hugo and I had always talked about living abroad. We had talked about it a lot when we were dating. Funny how you have kids and your life plans just take a turn in a totally different direction. Throw in a few really bad events in our lives and those talks soon turned into nothing. I do remember Hugo mentioning it to me soon after Isabel had been born, but suffering with post natal depression, moving to the UK or something was not anything I would even consider.

The years went by and we then had Annika and our lives had fallen into a “perfect” little family living the Aussie dream. I have to say it was not that I was not happy as I was, however I did feel that being a 40 plus woman that this was going to be as good as it gets.

Then one day Hugo forwards an email to me about the work opportunities in NYC and what my thoughts were on it. Without even taking a breath I knew it was what would just be a dream come true for all of us. I had always wanted to live in NYC and I knew that if we did not do it now we would not ever do it. I felt a sense of rejuvenation. I again felt like the “old” Tanya that was spontaneous and adventurous and it felt amazing. I was so surprised to hear that Hugo was keen as I know Hugo is the “sensible” one in the relationship. He analyses then evaluates and then will maybe draw up an excel spreadsheet to work out the pros and cons. So when he responded with excitement (Hugo's style is somewhat much more subdued than me) I knew there and then that he would do everything possible to get us there. This was the point that our lives where going to change BIG TIME!!
After months of phone calls, interviews etc the day came that Hugo was going to fly out. I had started selling our furniture on eBay and we had tried to sell the house but were unsuccessful. I secretly was happy as I really wanted to rent the house out. It gave me a sense of security to know that I had my home to come home to after this adventure.
Then the adventure really began. Hugo was in NYC trying to get a job while I was at home getting the house packed up and eventually about to head out with Isabel and Annika to meet Hugo in New York.
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