Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our New life in New York

Well we have now moved into our apartment and probably to Australian standards it’s tiny. However here in Manhattan is quite good and bigger than we thought we would get.
It’s an old building that has all that old New York style architecture.  It’s maintained by our resident Super who keeps everything immaculate. I have met some of the residents as I have passed them in either the elevator or foyer and they all seem lovely. Most ask me what part of Britain I am from but I quickly and proudly correct them and tell them where I am from. They all are very welcoming and seem quite happy to have another foreigner with kids live amongst them. Our street is also lovely with building like ours and brownstones so I am very happy that I am living in such a character full neighbourhood.
We don’t have a laundry which is a common thing here in Manhattan so I have to do our washing at our Laundromat. It’s hilarious just watching everyone walk in with their washing bags because it’s such a novelty to me. At the moment my girls think its fun but let’s see how long that lasts. I could choose to have them do it for me ( a wash and fold service charged by the pound) but I prefer to do my own, it’s the control freak in me.
The shopping for food is also very different here. Unlike what I used to do back home where I would do a huge weekly shop here you basically do it on a daily basis. They tend to buy most of their food already prepared and why would you not. The food is just amazing and all you need to do is re heat at home. I am sure this is because New Yorkers are just so busy that this just makes life that little bit easier. I am NOT complaining at all. I don’t meal plan anymore which feels so liberating!! As much as I like to cook I love trying all these different foods and every dinner is an adventure to me. New York has the best from every corner of the world and you can get anything you just need to know where to get it from.
I am still trying to get used to this weather inside and out. Outside it’s getting quite cold for example today was 7 degrees and I have even bought a beanie and mittens to wear! Inside well everything is centrally heated including our apartment. The heat is determined by the temperature outside and we cannot adjust it as it’s not controlled by individual apartments but rather a central location. I think it’s about 32 degrees in our apartment so we are all wearing shorts and thongs which is just so funny! Every time we go out we have to change our outfits as there is no way you could wear a jumper in here. But it’s the same in restaurants, shops, food markets etc. So I have had to learn   the New York way to dress and that is to layer. Also invest in a really good coat which I have thanks Zara and for the kids Gap.

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