Thursday, November 25, 2010

Everything is done online.

Well my first week involved basically getting all the essentials bought and done whilst having the kids to look after. I really wanted to just go out and do absolutely everything I had ever dreamt about doing in New York. However reality was that I was going to have to do all the organising as Hugo had a new job.
The first couple of days were about exploring the endless possibilities of culinary delights this city has to offer. Manhattan people don’t seem to cook much and why would they? You can get everything already made up and ready to heat at home. These markets like Fairways and Zabars are just amazing!! They are like our David Jones Food glorious food but on mega steroids. It’s every man for himself also in these establishments as New Yorkers are always in a rush and have no patience. So I have learnt to steer Annika in the stroller very defensively whilst trying to keep Isabel to my side so that she keeps out of the way. Isabel hates fairways and complains every time we go as she cannot believe how busy it is .Also as space is an issue in this city everything is small including the aisle space. When you see something you want on the shelf you have to grab it quickly as you have people behind you huffing and puffing as they want to get through. Funny thing is these markets have these long queues to pay but amazingly in true American organisation they move quite quickly.
Once thing Hugo and I have started doing is to ORDER ONLINE. The logistics of carting things around Manhattan is a bit of a nightmare. Most people don’t have cars as there is nowhere to park them. And unless you’re “Mr Big” in Sex and the City who has a driver you need to get things from point A to B.
We have so far bought our furniture, HDTV and a lot of our Bed, Bath and beyond stuff online and delivered thanks to Fedex and UPS. I did however go to a place called “sleepy’s” to choose our beds but that also was delivered and installed.
We got our internet and cable installed a few days ago and that has also been an amazing experience. The broadband is so fast and the cable is just overwhelming. We have all the channels in HD so we are just glued to this TV and the picture and the endless possibilities.
I am like a kid in a candy shop with all my reality shows  (The true Housewives of NYC etc)way ahead than they are back home. The other day I watched my beloved “Bold and the Beautiful” and that was months ahead of Australia............I am truly in heaven.

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