Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden has left the room......................

There are moments in history that we all remember where and what we were doing when we heard the news. I think two significant and memorable incidents for me are the death of Diana and 9/11.  With Diana’s death I had been  flying for eight hours from Sydney to Shanghai whilst it was all going on and found out as I turned on my TV in my hotel. I was in Shanghai. The other one of course is 9/11. I was in Osaka and has just woken up and turned on the TV. I watched the graphic images of what would change the world forever.
My new memory will be the Death of Bin Laden and especially as I am living here in Manhattan which is where this monster did his most destructive act of evilness.
Last night as Hugo and I were enjoying an episode of “The celebrity Apprentice” on NBC the headline came suddenly on. At first it said the President was going to address the nation about an “incident” that had just happen. I thought it was about Gaddafi however we soon were told it was the death of Bin Laden. I was surprised! My first thought was of “caution” as I felt that this meant retaliation. My next thought was the overwhelming sadness of all the lives lost on 9/11. Being here in New York I feel I have a special connection with this city and its people. I hope this is going to give the survivors and those who lost relatives and friends some sort of closure or sense of justice.
I went to bed with very much mixed emotions and wondering how New York and the rest of the USA would react.
The next morning the images I saw on TV where probably what I expected. Thousands had gone to the “ground zero” area. All carrying American flags and all so full of pride for this amazing nation. I am always overwhelmed by the patriotism the Americans have and so they should. Today was a day that finally in their eyes justice was done and they are so proud of those that completed the mission.

I asked Isabel as we were walking home from school what was said about Bin Laden at school today. I have spoke to her in a very sensitive way about 9/11 a while ago. She did need to know and especially living here in New York. I told her this morning before school about his death but it seemed to go over her head.  I wanted to prepare her for what I knew would be discussed by the children .She told me that the kids had asked her teacher why he had organized the attack on the World Trade Center. Her teacher Alanna responded that it was a very difficult question to answer. I think she handled it very well. Apparently it’s all the kids have spoken about at school today. In fact it’s all that everyone here in New York has spoken about today. God Bless America ........The land of the free and the home of the brave.

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