Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Still looking for work

Well I am still officially job hunting. There is a lot of work however trying to find that balance is the problem. I am looking at maybe becoming a Home based travel Agent which I know would work perfectly. I am looking at the set up. I am not sure what I would specialize in however I do have the experience. I was a travel agent many years ago. I would love to cater for Aussie's coming here to the USA.Will keep you all posted as I will need to get the word out there too!

Today the girls and I walked through a filming shoot. Its was for some new HBO show called "making it big in America".Apparently the filming around here is full on now. Its such a nice part of town the Upper West Side so I understand why. Its very exciting!
Oh and talking about being excited Peta and Marco are coming in a few weeks. Dying to spend time with them so its a bit of a ANSETT reunion here in Manhattan
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