Saturday, June 25, 2011

Equality for all...........New York I am so proud of you.

Last night was another one of the momentous occasions that I feel privileged to have been here in New York for. Same Sex marriages are now officially legal here in New York. I think the build up has been amazing and it’s so fabulous to see that finally Gays will be treated equally when it comes to LOVE.
  I was signed up to do the “Pride run” today which was also their 30th anniversary. What an amazing run to do with such an intoxicating  atmosphere. People were running this race not only to be fit but to also celebrate a recognition that has been so overdue. There was such an expression of joy, unity and acceptance and I am so glad to be part of this moment in time. I hope the rest of the world especially Australia follow.

On the energy must have been magic as I did my best time and ran faster than Forrest Gump LOL!
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