Friday, June 24, 2011


Well summer is here! It has been such a long time waiting for us having done back to back winters.
Isabel finishes school for about 8 weeks next Tuesday which she is so happy about. She missed out on the Australian summer break as it was winter here. We have not planned anything so hopefully we will be able to do more discovering. I do hope to be able to do a cruise to the Caribbean with the kids at the end of August. If not we will leave it till winter break here. The thought of the kids being in a “kids club” all day while I just relax in a spa is just heaven!!!
I cannot recommend cruises enough for families!!
I have been so busy with starting my own business. I have had a few Clients and it has been great to get back into this travel industry. I really enjoy doing the research and learning so much about what is to offer over here. It does seems so funny when I read material marketed to Americans about “exotic” destination of Australia. On the flip side when I mention how I am dying to get to Mexico or the Bahamas they seem to think it’s no big deal.
Life is very busy here especially with two daughters that have a better social life than me. It’s almost every weekend there is a party! I have made a group of friends who we do meet regularly with the kids. It is so lovely to walk down Columbus now and always bump into someone I know. I love the sense of community around my neighborhood.
I still have not felt homesick which is so strange to me? I loved having Peta and Marco here and I do miss their company however I just prefer my life over here.
I have another New York Road Runner race tomorrow so looking forward to that.

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