Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentines’ Day here in Manhattan and wow it’s so big here. I know that it is also back at home however not as big as it is here. I remember years ago when I was young and single I used to get the red roses and boyfriends would do the romantic dinners etc. These days I am lucky if Hugo actually acknowledges it at all. Although Hugo will show affection in much less expressive ways I cannot help to be caught up in it here. Well when I say caught up not for me but for Isabel. They do a full exchange of cards and candies (lollies) at school. This morning she was very apprehensive about taking what I had given her which was a bag of individual packs of love heart candy. This afternoon when I collected her she was grateful as she also carried a bag full of cards and candy she had got from the kids. I had received and email in regard to the class policy. If you were going to take anything today it had to be for the whole class. I thought that was lovely so no child would feel left out. I also then knew to send something with Isabel so she also could join into this activity which is very American. I really like the fact that at school they teach these kids to be very inclusive of all. These kids grow up with kids from all different parts of the world and that is cool. I love the fact everyone here is proud of where they come from. Even if it’s not necessarily the best part of town they are still proud. I hope my girls are also as proud of being from Australia and all our culture.
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