Monday, February 7, 2011

Vitamin D deficiencies

One of my first impressions of Manhattan was that the sun did not shine as bright as it did in Sydney. After a few days I noticed I hardly wore my sunglasses which is so not me. I find my eyes quite sensitive to sunlight so I tend to wear them always outside. That has not been the case here in Manhattan.
Our Apartment is dark and its one of the bad points about it. I have become accustomed to it but at first it was rather strange coming from our house in Maroubra. I have always had to organise quite dark curtains in our rooms back home so we could sleep. Here we have a very light curtain I picked up and Bed Bath and Beyond and it’s more than enough. Hugo and my bedroom is the only room that does get sunlight when it’s around and it’s beautiful.  The girl’s room and our lounge and kitchen all need the lights on. The buildings basically block most of the natural light to these windows.

It’s a common fact that New Yorkers are vitamin D deficient and it’s not hard to work out why. I suppose the benefit is they don’t have the issues with Skin cancer we do back home. Milk and bread are fortified with Vitamin D as are most dairy foods like yogurt.  We arrived so close to winter so this has also contributed to our vitamin D starvation. Apparently during you annual medical you do also get tested for this deficiency.
Here it is customary to have an annual medical check-up with your Physician which I suppose can be a good thing. It will be interesting to see what my levels are. Our lifestyle back home is very much based on outdoor activities. We do go to the beach quite a fair bit. I do a lot of running outdoors too so this is something I am hoping to do once this weather is more “outdoor friendly”.
As yet I don’t miss the beach or the heat! I hear Sydney has just come out of a heatwave!! At least here indoors is very comfortable and there is so much to do indoors too.
I am looking to a holiday in maybe Florida or even the Caribbean?? Or even my dream destination of Mexico!
Its one of the main reasons we decided to relocate over here.We wanted to be able to travel and that we will do when the time is right.

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