Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Annika turns 3

Well another millstone here in New York and that is my youngest turned 3 on Sunday. I hope this is the start of a new and more predictable stage if that ever exist with children. She has grown so much and it’s only evident to me when I look at photos of when we first arrived. She has developed a really quite comical personality. She is very confident and outgoing which I wonder is a result of her environment? One thing is very evident is her lovely American accent. She has been so fortunate to have been very well looked after by her carer Janet at her preschool.Janet has taught her the alphabet,numbers and so many other things that has been amazing.
I have however made the decision to change her preschool and in September she will commence in a Bilingual preschool for two days a week. It was a tough decision as I always believe in not moving them if they are happy. In this situation I feel that living here in New York it’s such an opportunity that would not be available to her in Australia. I hope also it will be motivation for both Hugo and I to try and speak to her in Spanish.
We are now well into August and the heat is really on! I find that the walking is probably the hardest thing to do. I also avoid those subways as I cannot stand the platforms.
It was also Theo’s birthday last Sunday. The girls made him a card and I think he was very grateful. They are so found of him. He is always introducing them to the neighborhood as his “Australian Family”.
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