Saturday, August 6, 2011

Supply and demand

Life here in Manhattan is expensive. There is no way around it and its back to the supply and demand. Basically everyone wants to live here and there are a lot of us. Rent, groceries and basically everything is much more expensive than any other borough in New York City. As a matter of fact sometimes by traveling and extra ten blocks thing can be cheaper which I suppose can happen in Sydney also.
After this week’s downgrading of the US economy I am sure this country is in for some more tough times ahead.
It adds to the high pressure a lot of singles and families have here in the city. It’s like a catch twenty two. If you have kids you need to be in a “good” area to get them into the well performing schools. If not parents then take the option of a private education which by Australian Standards are very high. So cheaper rent means higher education costs so I don’t know if you’re better off?
Singles (College Grads) share apartments and most have second jobs to at least be able to pay the rent and pay back their College loans. To get a tertiary education is not only a must here it comes at a very high cost!
The other day I was at the park with some friends and we were discussing children’s parties. I know that in Sydney it’s just the same where parents splash out on extravagant parties. It’s no different here however the cost would be double if not more. We were laughing as we thought we should all go into a business because there is so much money to be made here in Manhattan. In summer here the park is a popular location. You must remember we live in small apartments so entertaining ten kids is impossible so we need to conduct them in different venues. In winter it gets a lot harder with the cold and obviously much more expensive. You need to hire an indoor location and generally for the average party of say 10 kids you are looking around the one thousand dollar mark at some of the party specific places.
I know things are very different in the other boroughs as I read a lot from Mom's on a great parenting site I visit and that also have my blog on it.

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