Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene..........

Well about a week ago the talk of “Irene” commenced. We knew it was headed for the Caribbean which was no surprise. This is Hurricane season very much like Cyclone season back home in summer for Far North Queensland. As the week progressed so did the talk of Irene actually heading towards New York. Being the cynical Australian I am I actually laughed at the suggestion that it would actually be of concern. I laughed at a post I saw by an American Mom the other day on one of my online forums. She was asking what evacuation plans others had in place for “Irene”. Coincidentally it was around the same time we have the earthquake that I will add I didn’t feel. I did dismiss it as an overreacting Mom. It was not till Thursdays that I actually started to think twice about it. The reports did not look good and I realized that I needed to take things more seriously.
I have to add that I am so impressed with the way things are handled here in New York. Everything is so well communicated and organized. They were suggesting that everyone use Friday as their preparation day. So Friday morning was when I started our preparation for the arrival of “Irene”.
Hugo went off to work so I got the girls dressed and off we went with my shopping trolley which is essential here in Manhattan if you want to carry more than 2 shopping bags. We got to our usual Food market (supermarket) Trader Joe’s and the queues where already longer than I have ever seen them. This always happens also when they forecast a snow storm as they always tell people to stock up.However yesterday was the worse I had ever seen it.
I managed to do what I could get with two kids with me. As all mothers would know it’s not that easy to shop with kids let alone with a market full of people and long queues. We managed to buy everything and luckily it was not too bad. I had to pop out to do another trip out for soda’s and coffee which I will need if we are stuck in our apartment for two days.
I am so glad I did my shopping early as the panic buying intensified when the Mayor announced that the MTA (public transport) was shutting down at midday the next day. It simply meant that the stores would all be closing as employees would have to be home before a total shut down of the city.
Our fridge is full and I managed to get 4 bottles of water as they were sold out!!
My poor girls were exhausted from all the walking and standing around waiting to pay. I then decided I had better do all the washing as we could lose power so off to the Laundromat with two tired kids. Let’s just sat yesterday was a very difficult day however we are all set for today.
I forgot to buy a flashlight however by that stage EVERYONE had sold out. So we are very lucky that Peta and Marco left us with that wonderful fragrance Candle as we may have to use it over this weekend.
I will keep updating my blog as things happen to keep family, friend and followers all up to date

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