Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene *update 2*

Well this morning I decided was a good chance to get in a workout as yesterday was impossible. Hugo and I were going to take turns as there was no childcare. I knew Maria would not be able to come for work as she lives out in The Bronx and she has 4 kids. The main issue today is the fact that all public transport was shutting down from midday. Many have not gone to work due to this fact.
I went into the gym and it seems everyone had the same idea. Grab a quick workout before being stuck indoors for at least 12 hours. I had a run on the treadmill and then some weights.
As I walked out the sky opened up and it was the beginning but it’s really not been to bad so far. As I type here is almost 4.30pm Saturday.
People it seems were still out buying! I went to the local market again as I thought I would pick up some ketchup for Annika (she is obsessed with the stuff) and the wait was at least one hour. There was one cashier as I suppose she must live close by and able to get home? I left it and let Hugo pick it up from the bodega across the road. To my surprise there was even a queue there too!

Just checked the radar and it looks like the start of the heavy rain is not far away. You would never guess we are about to have this massive storm as there are delivery men it seems delivering furniture to the apartments next door to us WTF? So “New York” hard working and tryng not to miss an opportunity. I just hope they get home safely.

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