Monday, July 25, 2011

And is there anything NOT filmed in New York??

On the weekend I decided to start catching up on films I never got around to seeing at the cinema. These days I just don’t get to see what I would like to. Hugo and I watched the latest version of “Arthur”. I love Russell Brandt and it was actually a great version too. It’s so hard to describe and somewhat surreal to watch a movie filmed in New York and be living here in New York. Growing up in Australia it’s something you never think about because you cannot really relate. Here is has become my obsession to know every exact spot. Every episode I watch of SATC now I watch what is going on behind the characters rather than what they are saying or even wearing.
Today was the launch of “Smurfs in NYC week”. Yes the latest Smurf movie was filmed here in NYC. The girls got to meet them and to have their faces painted. Tomorrow night the Empire State Building is being turned blue in their honor. It’s just amazing how much is made here. I just LOVE IT! And I know Isabel loves it also. How exciting for her and I hope when she grows up she realizes how amazing her time here has been. According to her we are never leaving..............
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