Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Girls Night first one here in Manhattan.

Well last night my group of Expat friends and I went on our first girls night out. We have bonded as all our little ones attend the same preschool. We have all clicked and we thought we need a “Mommy” night every month. We went out to a little Italian Restaurant which was lovely then to a wine bar.
All Mommies need Mommy nights in my opinion. It was something high on my agenda back home. I am going to make it high on my agenda here also. “Mommy nights” and “date nights” very important in my physiological well being.
We are currently going through a “heat wave”. Is it hot yes..........however it’s not anything different to what we are used to back home. I don’t like extreme heat however my body seems to cope much better with what I know than what I don’t know. Last winter was something I DIDN'T KNOW!!!

Work is a bit quite as most Americans are actually away on their Vacation. I expect to pick up when the kids return to school. Funny thing is there are some amazing deals too.
I have forgotten to mention to those who have kept up with my blog that Theo is still a big part of my girls lives. He is what Hugo and I like to call him “Grandad” as my girls don’t seem to have theirs much in their lives. My Dad is coming out at the end of August for a week which will be nice. Theo is always there for the girls and every morning Annika races to him on the corner to give him a kiss and a cuddle. He is amazing he is 79 and not a day goes by he is not happy and talking to everyone that will give him the time of day. He is somewhat the neighborhood hero. Kids just adore him as he is just a genuine and loving human being. I also look forward to seeing and a few others at the Senior Citizen House. They are so much part of our lives now.
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